'Thank you' turning unfashionable in Britain?

'Thank you' turning unfashionable in Britain?

Even as the average person will say "thank you" nearly 5,000 times a year, one in three are more likely to throw in a "cheers" or "ta" where it's needed, rather than risk sounding old-fashioned, the Daily Mail reported the survey as stating.

The survey found only one in 20 individuals now say "nice one" instead, while younger generations are more likely to say "cool" rather than "thank you". "Merci", "fab" and even "gracias" were also listed as common phrases to use, as was "much appreciated".
One in 20 individuals participating in the poll of 2,000 people by the Food Network UK for Thank You Day, marked Nov 24, said a formal "thank you" was now not often needed in everyday conversation.

Nick Thorogood, managing director of Food Network UK, said: "When it comes to saying 'thank you', people will always find the way that works best for them and it's interesting to see what the act means to different people.

A massive 95 percent of respondents to the poll claimed manners were important, with eight in 10 Britons believing their etiquette was right. Having said that, over one in ten adults said they regularly won't say thank you if they were in a foul mood.

Most people claimed that saying thank you was something drilled into them by their parents, but four in ten will utter a "thank you" purely out of habit.