Mayakkam Enna

A swoon and sway show

Follow your heart. So goes the tagline. And for once it pays to do so. For, brothers — Selvaraghavan and Dhanush, who are back on the marquee after a long haitus with “Mayakkam Enna” (Why this swoon), ensure they come up not only with an enterprising but also entertaining fare, well worth the watch.

Though, at peripheral plane, “Mayakkam” is your proverbial triangular love do, at its pivotal pith, however, Selva concerns himself with the contours of husband-wife connect. He does this with admirable aplomb and delectable deftness of craft and cinematic acumen.

“Mayakkam” endears and engages not only discerning, hard to please diaspora, but also those that care whit, whiff or woof, on how a movie entertains and engulfs you without much ado.

Laboriously and languidly, Selva unspools the strange symbiosis that builds between a simple, ambitious photographer Karthik, aspiring to capture wildlife and vivacious Yaamini, dated by his bum-chum Sundar, who introduces her to him. As the adage goes: while opposites go hammer and tongs at each other they also get attracted like magnets.

The triangular, tantalising tale then on snakes through several twists as the threesome try to sort out the knotty tangle they are enmeshed in and going through the angst and anguish of such an alchemy.

Told with verve and vitality, Selva ensures “Mayakkam” has audiences swooning over his sizzling flick. What adds to the lustrous luminosity is Dhanush’s electic portrayal with Richa snuggling into the role with matching elan.

Sunder completes and complements the sum game. Cinematographer Ramji and music director G V Prakash ensure “Mayakkam” is magical and mesmerising. In sum, just don’t ask why but swoon and sway to the swell of an ensemble show.

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