'Hitler enjoyed drinking at British pubs'

'Hitler enjoyed drinking at British pubs'

The German dictator came to Britain in 1912 and stayed with his half-brother Alois in Toxteth, Liverpool, says "The Inside Out" documentary on BBC.

He also visited Londonand even bribed his way into the engine room of the tower bridge, The Sun reported.

Hitler was reportedly trying to avoid conscription into the Austrian army, according to his sister-in-law Bridget Dowling.

The visit was funded by Alois, who had sent money to his sister's husband believing he would visit. But Hitler took it and went on the trip himself.

"Adolf has been hiding from the military for 18 months. That's why he came here to me. He had no choice," Alois later told Bridget.

He left for Germany in April 1913, after Alois bought him a ticket.