Going beyond the truth

Going beyond the truth

Play time

 Meghna in the play.The shows that are aired tend to directly or indirectly influence one’s way of thinking. Like it or not, the ‘idiot box’ has become the most favoured means of entertainment.

Recently National Law School’s theatre group, ‘Colouring Outside The Lines’ staged their new play, ‘Tell Me The Truth’, which explored the effect television and reality shows have on today’s generation.

Seeing the increasing obsession with reality television in the country, the director-cum-writer of the play, Meghna Srinivas, felt it was necessary to delve into the topic. “People watch Hindi serials and reality shows from 7 pm to 10 pm every day. That’s why the play talks about how these serials have an impact on their lives,” she adds.

Indirectly using the examples of reality shows like Bigg Boss, Sach Ka Samna and Rakhi Ka Swayamvar, the play looks at the life of Krishna (Padmini Baruah), who is obsessed with television. Her obsession reaches such an extent that her mind gets distorted as the lines between what is real and reel begin to blur. She starts to believe that her marriage is in shambles and ends up running away from her responsibilities.

The protagonist shares a strong bond with her mother (Pallavi Kattimani), who tries to help her get out of her

Using movement, beats and dialogue, this satire on reality television took one on a crazy, whirlwind journey portraying the outrageous and at times bizarre exploits of the many truths of today’s life.

Meghna put up a beautiful performance and kept the audience rolling in laughter especially with her take on Sakhi Rawanth.