HIMS: Corruption in procurement of equipment alleged

HIMS: Corruption in procurement of equipment alleged

Students bearing brunt of factionalism

Speaking at a press conference after meeting several officials of HIMS, he said there were three factions among the teaching staff of the institution. So each faction is after one or the other faction all the time, thus neglecting poor students.

HIMS was established with the aim of providing quality medical education for poor, rural students, who were talented but could not afford higher education in big cities and private institutions. Teachers here not only defame other teachers, but also assault each other. Once they even assaulted an auto driver, Prakash said.

Teachers in medical colleges should retire at the age of 70. But Dr Shankar, a radiologist, got salary for one month even after he crossed 70 years, even though he did not attend the college properly. This was realised by the institution after some time. The refund was got later, the MLA pointed out.


He alleged corruption in the purchase of equipment for the institution. He said one company quoted Rs 7.5 crore for a particular equipment while another quotes just Rs 2.5 crore. “However, the authorities concerned are planning to buy the equipment from the company that has quoted the highest. The dealings are not transparent. We do not even know who are all are there in the purchase committee,” he added.

He said the report of the then deputy commissioner Naveen Raj Singh recommended the ouster of the director of HIMS but the government has not acted on it despite repeated complaints and reminders to the ministers concerned.

He warned the college would lose recognition next year if the government does not provide proper infrastructure and staff and manage the institution well. H K Javaregowda and C R Shankar was present at the press meet.