Delayed diagnosis led to deaths

Delayed diagnosis led to deaths

Speaking to Deccan Herald, Kalpana's daughter said that her mother did not have any pre-existing illness or medical complications.  "My mother was quite healthy, how can she die in such a short time with just an infection", she said. 

Kalpana developed fever on August 11 and was admitted at M S Ramaiah Hospital on August 14 and was diagnosed for septicemia.  However, Medical Superintendent Dr Naresh Shetty said that even if she was diagnosed for H1N1 Influenza on the day of admission, she could not have been saved. "Her condition was bad as she had developed severe lung infection", he said.

Kalpana was in fact diagnosed for H1N1 Influenza two day later and Tamiflu was administered. She however succumbed on August 17.  She is survived by her husband and three children.

Edward David, the businessman who died due to H1N1 Influenza was suffering from pneumonia.  Deccan Herald spoke to Edward's brother and he said that his brother was a healthy person till he fell ill last Wednesday.  "My brother never fell sick and was never admitted to any Hospital", he said.

This 43-year-old man had fever just for three days and later diagnosed for pneumonia.  His pre-existing diabetes, worsened the condition.  Though Edward was administered Tamiflu on the day of his admission, he could not recover.  The cause for his death was declared as acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS).  Edward is survived by his wife and six-year-old son.