Too much to handle...

Too much to handle...


‘Parental pressure’, as a term, is well-debated and discussed these days all over the globe. Still, unable to cope with the increasing pressure put on them, many youngsters resort to extreme measures like taking their lives.

In India, parents want their children to be in a secure and rewarding job. Hence, they want them to focus a lot on academics. Most parents don’t want their children to take up unconventional career options.

“Many parents enrol their kids in singing or dancing classes to upgrade their self-image. They compel them to improve their skills, prove themselves to their peers and persuade them to win competitions. They don’t pay attention to what their child is really interested in. However, if the children want to make a career out of their hobbies like singing or dancing, they have a problem with it. Why such double standard? Each person has a right to shape his or her own life,” avers Raghavendra, a student.

Be it sports, academics or fine arts, these days competition has become fierce and exhausting. So children have to handle a lot of pressure from many sides — home, school, peers and trainers. If their family is supportive, then it becomes easy for them to handle pressure. “Too much of parental pressure on children may backfire.

Parents need to put pressure on children who are not responsible or disciplined. So one’s focus should be on the development of self-regulation in children. And parents should understand that one’s life is not about just getting a regular salary. If children have the ability to look after their needs by pursuing a career of their choice, parents should support them. It is not right on the part of parents to expect a child to live their dreams,” suggests M Giridhar, a psychologist.

However, the complete absence of parental pressure is also not advisable. “Too much of decision-making may not have favourable effects. At the same time, complete freedom is also not helpful. Instead of pressurising the child to perform in an area of their choice, parents can let the child to choose his or her area of interest and be encouraging. This is the best method in which the child will also take things in a positive way. When we cheer contestants in a game, they gather more strength and try performing even better. No one considers that as pressure. So parental pressure, when applied at the right time in the right amount, can yield amazing results,” says V Muthukrishnan, a psychiatrist.

“The world is not the same as it used to be ten years ago. Now, people can make a living in many industries, be it music, dance or painting. What is needed is hard work, professionalism and able guidance. Parents should keep this in mind and help their children make a name for themselves in any field,” advises Keerti Prakash, a career consultant.