Vedic perspective on AIDS

Vedic perspective on AIDS

 In our physical form, it is the individual cell that is the basis of all creation. A cell is complete in itself, a nuclear entity with its own energy and prana. The human body is a combination of cells, these cells combine with each other in various permutations and form different systems — the respiratory, excretory, skeletal, muscular, digestive, etc.

The tri (three) doshas of vata, pitta and kapha also originate at the level of the individual cell; each cell, therefore, has the potential to control the various functions and processes of the body and thereby the activities of nature and the universe. It is the single cell which is responsible for all positive and negative effects which ultimately influence the whole body.

The functioning of this cell gets affected by the environment we live in. In earlier times, there weren’t any diseases like AIDS and cancer. But today, AIDS is scourging the world. The reason is we have polluted our environment and our lifestyle is entrenched in materialism.

Take for instance people think oxygen is good for us, so they do hyper pranayamas. They expose their cells to instant heat as a result of certain types of pranayamas. Initially when you do them, you feel good as these pranayamas force the heaviness out but this sudden energy spends the finite life force in the cell, and the life span shortens. Also, hyperactivity and atmospheric pollution adversely affect the cell-to-cell communication, disturbing the fragile balance in your body which in turn reduces the efficiency of the immune system.
These out-of-sync cells, instead of attacking the alien germs, start attacking themselves. The body loses its ability to fight diseases.

Your emotional health also affects your physical health. Your solar plexus, that is the surya chakra, reflects your emotional health and a congestion due to emotional issues such as arguments, selfishness, fights, career turmoil, broken relationships and business losses, etc, all cause congestions or blockages in this channel, which disturb the free flow of prana to the cells. This is also the region where the thymus gland is located, which is responsible for immunity and preservation and also all the organs that preserve the body. Thus, when this chakra becomes overactive, it moves really fast and clogs the movement of pranic energy, resulting initially in breathing problems like asthma. If this imbalance continues for a long, it can also cause irreversible damage.

In order to increase our body’s life span and to build its immunity, you need to practice Sanatan Kriya regularly, so that you are able to bring your body away from vikriti and take it towards prakriti (nature).

Practising this Kriya under the guidance of a true guru will lead you to delve into techniques which take a holistic approach and deal with all the levels of awareness of that one cell.