Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright!

Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright!


“Man is the most dangerous animal on this planet...Only men can hunt down the greatest of all predators...Dorje only knew cruel men before he met us... He had never seen compassionate children like you,” said Master Wu.

Deep inside a Buddhist monastery in Tibet, a very unusual Royal Bengal Tiger called Dorje paces near Master Wu, the teacher who tells the young monks, gathered around him, of the connection between Dorje’s stripes — or rather Dorje’s missing stripes — and the tigers in India.

‘Dorje’s Stripes’ is a delightful picture book for young readers (under 10), published by Karadi Tales. Yes, the very same Karadi Tales whose audio-books remain a runaway hit.
Dorje’s story takes you to Tibet, Bengal and the heart of a Royal Bengal tiger because Master Wu, the kind monk, tries to understand the reason for Dorje’s anger, his agony, his sudden rages and his missing stripes by entering the tiger’s dreams!

‘Dorje’s Stripes’ is a moving tale. At a time when tigers in the wild are disappearing due to human greed, this slim book, with its stunning water colour illustrations, reminds us of our responsibility towards all creatures — great and small — that share our planet.
The enchanting story has a fabulous cast: the dreamwalking master, the delightful little monks and of course the star, Dorje!

It invites the reader on a journey from the Himalayas in Tibet to the Sunderbans in Bengal with its thick jungles and regal tigers.

It makes this journey dramatic — sneaky traps laid by slimy poachers, sad starvation deaths of tigers and Dorje’s spirited fight and great escape.

The tiger finds a peaceful home in the Buddhist monastery, but his stripes continue to vanish with alarming regularity. In the company of compassionate young monks like Cheekoo and Tsapang, he heals very slowly and one evening a big, black broad stripe stages a comeback on Dorje’s regal back!

Dorje hasn’t just found a stripe, he has found a friend as well. Actually, he has found a family! And it’s time, says Master Wu, to the wide-eyed monks, to let Dorje go back to where he belongs. There’s pain in this story, but there’s also hope for a better tomorrow. As far as ‘happily-ever-after’ endings go, this one is magic. Enjoy!

Title: Dorje’s Stripes
By: Anshumani Ruddra, Gwangjo and Jung-A Park
Publisher: Karadi Tales Company Pvt Ltd
Price: Rs 150

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