Comfortable in her own space

Comfortable in her own space

Busy schedule

Impressive: Radhika Pandit

Today, she boasts of an impressive portfolio of movies that have gone a long way
in grabbing the attention of audiences across the State.

Metrolife caught up with the actress to find out more about her plans, fitness formula and her take on Bollywood remakes.

With several projects in the pipeline, the actress has quite a bit on her plate at the moment. “I’m currently looking forward to Alemaari and ‘Breaking News’. Two of my other projects, Addhoori and Sagar, are also coming up. So I’m working at balancing these as of now,” she says.

And while this cuts into a lot of her time, Radhika maintains that she doesn’t allow her work to compromise on her personal life. In fact, she makes it a point to spend time with her family and friends, as well as just by herself.

“Family is really important to me — I’d say I’m quite a family person, so spending time with them is a compulsion. I also really need time for myself. I’m trying to learn how to balance my work with this,” she says, adding, “I see to it that I spend dinner time with my family. Sunday is always my day-off, and I go out and catch up with my friends then.”

Ask her whether she’s interested in expanding her horizons and dabbling in other film industries, and she remains non-committal. “I haven’t really given much priority to working in other industries. It’s not that I don’t want to, but my focus is definitely on Sandalwood right now. I’m quite busy and content working here,” she explains.

It’s hard to believe that her busy schedule affords her the time to keep herself fit.

Radhika admits that long gymming sessions aren’t always possible. She says, “I’m actually pretty lazy. So I just focus on eating right, and things like that. If there’s no time to go to the gym, then I make it a point to do some small work-outs. Little things like taking the stairs, instead of an elevator, make a difference,” she explains.

It’s no secret that a lot of big-budget Bollywood movies are simply remakes of South Indian films, and Radhika believes this to be quite a compliment.

“It’s flattering that Bollywood is picking up our movies. It shows that we are a strong industry, in terms of both script and story. But I don’t believe that Bollywood has anything to learn from films down South — we are all strong in our own ways, and this is just a sense of bonding between different industries,” she concludes.

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