Ginger rots as prices crash in Halebeedu

Ginger rots as prices crash in Halebeedu

Farmers who had grown ginger five years ago had reaped good yield and earned profit in lakhs had inspired other farmers to follow them. Now, with huge yield of ginger, there are literally no takers and the crop is left on the land to dry, which might go useless after sometime.

A 60-kg bag of ginger was sold at Rs 500 to Rs 550 in October. Now, the rate has come down to Rs 300 to Rs 400 per bag. Though prices have crashed, there are no takers that has become a big headache for farmers who are perplexed with huge stock of the produce. The harvested yield is being left on the farm which is drying in the sun and rotting if there is rain.


Ginger growers are also facing a lot of problems like pest attack. The blight disease, which is common for potato has infected ginger too. Now, it is difficult for the farmers to switch over to other crops like vegetables after taking steps to destroy the pests. The situation has turned worse and it has become inevitable to spray pesticides to even desi crops like ragi and maize, lament the farmers.

Labour charges

The hike in labour charges have also affected the farmers. Moreover, they have to provide to and fro transportation facilities for them along with breakfast and lunch. Most of the farmers are not able to afford the expenses.

Many of them, who had pledged their gold and valuables, in hope of good yield are now upset as they are not even able to meet their daily needs.

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