Never underestimate a journo

Scribe soldier: Ayesha in Bbete.Kannada (U/A)
Cast: Ayesha, Akshay, Ishita Vyas, Anant Nag
Director: Srinivas Kaushik

A hot-shot chief reporter Ashwini Chengappa (Ayesha) busts one gang after another, breaks one scam after another... while younger sister Kavitha (Ishita Vyas) scoffs at her old-fashioned ‘print media’ background as their doting father (Anant Nag) looks on lovingly.

At the end of filing another sensational report, elder sis is summoned home to find house full of police, a distraught dad and a dead younger sister.

Bewildered and hurt, Ashwini soon pieces the story behind her sister’s suicide together and begins her hunt for those responsible...

Srinivas Kaushik, who promised much in Yaaradu? helms Bbete, directing Ayesha, a ‘chinakurali’ when it comes to action and Mr Reliable Anant Nag besides others. The story deals with a worthy subject–the now ubiquitous porno industry that thrives on offering cheap thrills in realtime while wrecking countless lives and families.

But the focus is more on Lady Bruce Lee Ayesha, who fights like every action buff’s dream but is unable to adapt to the changing scenes, holding a single expression most of the time.

Model Ishita’s smouldering sexuality, or is it sensuality?, is made ample use of, given the demands of her character. However, she also impresses with her understanding of a language foreign to her. Ganga Kaveri Akshay has worked hard for his pecs but precious little else. His expressions kill any notions of romance, let alone emotion.

Nag’s presence is the film is baffling too, with the actor eating up the scene with Pavitra Lokesh and vanishing thereafter. Adi Lokesh, Ravindranath and Killer Venkatesh all put in an appearance with Harish Raj showing his mellowed side.

With a script that has no room for anything besides action, the director wraps the film up without too many loose ends. However, the action scenes involving Ayesha are developing a dedicated fan base and this film doesn’t disappoint. The climax promises much from an young girl proficient in the martial arts but people should also get her to emote more - prime requisite for an actor.

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