Giving her best shot

Giving her best shot

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Giving her best shot

Triumphant: Radhika Pandit DH Photo by Manjunath M S

It has hardly been a year in the industry and Radhika Pandit has worked in three Kannada movies with some of the best teams in the industry, won the Filmfare South award for best actress and has offers lined up.

That’s quite an achievement for a girl, who had different plans for herself just a year back. After completing her BCom, she either wanted to be a teacher or pursue an MBA. But on seeing her enthusiasm in the field of dance, her well-wishers asked her to pursue a career in acting. That’s when Radhika got a break in the serial Nanda Gokula.

The transition from there to her first big break in Moggina Manasu was a welcome change. Life, post the award, may have changed professionally but on the personal front she is still the same. She says, “The intention was never to win the award. I went to Hyderabad without any expectations. I was happy with the fact that I was nominated but when they announced my name it was a whole new experience.”

“Just holding the Black Lady, as they call the statuette, and giving the winning speech was exhilarating. Apart from that I also got an opportunity to meet all those people who I have grown up watching,” says Radhika while adding, “my phone has not stopped ringing since then and I have been getting many offers. But I am taking each day as it comes because for me, it is quality that is important not quantity.”

So does the award mean more responsibilities and extra pressure? “I have always taken every step responsibly and the pressure to perform was there from the first movie since it was produced by E Krishnappa, the producer of Mungaru Male. But ultimately, it was a team effort and the movie came out well. Of course, the award is an added incentive to do better,” she adds.      

And better she has been doing. Even though she has not been choosy about the films, the roles portrayed by her so far have been different. While in Moggina Manasu she portrayed a confused teenager, Olave Jeevana Lekkachara saw her portraying an intense and a much older woman. At the same time in Love Guru, she played a ‘feel good’ role. “God has given me the ability to choose and fortunately I have chosen characters that are very different and versatile,” she says.

In future also, Radhika hopes to keep on growing as an actress. “My constant effort in every film is to give my best,” she adds. As far as acting in other industries is concerned, she says, “I believe there should be no barriers when it comes to acting. If offers come from other industries, I will see. Currently, I want to explore the Kannada industry and see what more I can do,” she adds.   

Radhika has also signed Krishnana Love Story, directed by Shashank of Moggina Manasu, and 18th Cross, which was initially supposed to be her debut, but was shelved because of the sudden death of the producer.