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New hope

DAWN Ushering in the New Year. DH Photo by Jaydeep sahaIt’s that time of the year again when resolutions are renewed, promises are rebuilt and hopes are given a new zest of life. But are aspirations only the luxury of those who can afford it?

Metrolife peeps into the life of a common man to find out what dreams and desires mean for them this New Year.

Take for instance Geeta Bhoj, a vendor who has been selling hand stitched fabrics, bags and jewelleries for the past 40 years, dreams about getting her two daughters married. “All I need is lots of money next year so I can get my daughters married. I have to pay Rs 4,000 as rent, don’t know how I will be able to manage things? Hope this coming year will bring more happiness to us,” she says.

If Geeta’s concern is children’s marriage, Harpal Singh’s mind is fixed on buying a house. “Next year I aspire to have a house of my own. I stay in a rented flat. But, now I want to have a secure life for my kids,” says this taxi driver. But, Gyan Singh, an auto driver suggests, “The auto tariff should be increased as the government is planning to hike the price of CNG--what will we earn--it’s so difficult for us to manage things at home.” And life for a beggar is not very different either. Rajesh Kumar says, “I aspire to get a job, please help me get a job, so I can get some food.”

Some aspire to make it big by buying latest cars, gizmos or taking off on a foreign holiday, but for those like Geeta or Gyan the story begins and ends with making ends meet. And they are working so hard for it, like this Rajesh Kumar, whose dream is to add another storey to his humble abode. While ironing clothes for a living, he shares, “I want to build another floor next year, we are three brothers who are working so hard to earn money to fulfill this dream.”

Mukesh Singh, a rickshawpuller made a shocking revelation. “I have studied economics in my college, but, see where I am today, riding a rickshaw. People are not ready to give money and I had to take this job as I have a family in my native place.” He also adds, “I had also applied in Navy and even got selected but they asked for a donation of more than Rs one lakh which I couldn’t give and landed up here.”

But the dreams continue! 

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