8 outfits form Civic Front to fight polls

8 outfits form Civic Front to fight polls

Terming it a political movement

Civic Front, a conglomeration of parties termed by one of its leaders as a ‘Political Movement’ has in its immediate agenda called for action against the Palike on September 5 2009.

“The Palike today is catering only to the elite corporates in the city. It has ignored the
common man. We appeal to our people to be prepared even to storm the Palike headquarters on September 5,” said CPI (M), Secretary, Siddegowda Patil.  Apart from the CPI (M), the other socialist and left leaning organisations included, the CPI, CPI (M), AIADMK, Republican Party of India (RPI), Tippu Sultan United Front (TUF), Praja Vimochana Chaluvali (PVC) and the Dalit Sangharsha Samiti (Ambedkarvada).

Using the platform, the Left parties made a scathing attack on the ruling government and cited the Govindrajnagar by-elections as the people’s mandate against the BJP. “Somanna’s defeat needs to be appreciated. The Government has lost the faith of the people within the Palike jurisdiction,” said Venkatswamy from RPI.

Double standards

He also criticised the Chief Minister and Pramila Nesargi for their double standards on the Thiruvallur statue and stated the Government had unveiled the statue just to garner the Tamil votes for the BBMP elections. The Civic Front now intends to bring the rest of the factions together and rope in other civic organisations to address people’s grievances before the BBMP elections.