Let your computer increase your happiness quotient

Sometimes, the most unlikely sources of knowledge and information help us to sort out major problems in our lives.

Take, for instance, the fact that almost every one of us sits in front of a computer at least some part of the day.

Our personal and professional lives are deeply entwined with a computer as the new age of technology and the never-ending procession of new gizmos passes like a daily parade in front of our eyes.

As another new year begins tomorrow, it is likely that the time we spend with our laptops, PCs or gizmos will become longer and longer. The next reality of our lives is that we seek answers for many of our professional and personal problems from the computer.

We Google for information on laws, news, research and information to sort out our daily life-tangles and use the Internet for doing our banking, paying bills, conducting our business or profession, staying in touch with friends and family and joining social networking sites. But even after hours of staring at the computer screen every day, it is possible that we have missed the elementary lessons that it can teach us to improve our lives.

A careful study of the messages on the computer keyboard can give us a new way of thinking about our problems. Just see how this can be done:

*Esc or escape — Whenever a situation becomes too complicated and traumatic, just go away or take a break for some time.  If such a logjam repeats regularly, you need to sort it out. If it is chronic, you need to escape as fast as you can to avoid stress. Just ‘get outside of yourself’ as it were for a while and watch the scene as an outsider — as if you are watching a film in which you are not really involved. Get your peace back and then face the situation.

*Delete — If an experience is painful and its memory disturbs you, or some rude/crude talk unsettles your mind, press the delete button in your mind. Try and delete all negativity from your life to gain more energy and purpose. Be sure of your goals and then go forward with single-minded determination.

*Shift — In case a topic or problem under discussion is bringing out too much ire, anger, jealousy or undue curiosity and gossip, shift the subject with subtle skill. Change your expression and behave as if the former topic was of little interest and introduce something more acceptable to you.

Remember you do not have to divulge any information about yourself, your life, your family or profession, your earnings and savings or your plans for the future to anyone but persons you trust. Also, if you have come to the end of your tether in a relationship or job or friendship, feel free in the New Year to shift to a better plane in your life.

*Control — This key is probably the most relevant in your life in the New Year. Learn to control your anger, rage, angst, jealousy and impatience to be more peaceful and successful. Giving credit where it is due lightens your heart. Giving support, love and care where deserved also creates a pool of peace and happiness within you.

*Start — Start a new venture that pleases your heart. Preferably, this hobby or work option should be initiated for fun and not necessarily for money or contacts. A skill or knowledge acquired for joy is a treasure forever.

*Backspace — When you have cherished or enjoyed a relationship, a work assignment or a travel experience, backspace to relive and recreate the joy you received from these.

*Alt — Find alternatives as solutions. Don’t get stuck on one pattern of ideas, beliefs or opinions. Leave room in your mind for new ways of looking at life and check out others’ opinions for usefulness.

*Enter — Enter the wonderful world of faith and peace through the rich resources that our culture offers. For instance, many people are inspired by some lines in the Bhagwad Geeta. Check these out for yourself: When Arjun asks Krishna where he can find divinity, Krishna replies in Chapter 7: “I am the soothing quality of water; the radiance of fire; the effulgence in the sun and the moon; I am the intelligence of the intelligent; the lustre of the lustrous; the knowledge of the learned; the strength of the strong and selfless love among all beings.

If you know this, you can see divinity every day — every moment — and be happier for this new world of solitude within you and enjoy energising thoughts.

*Insert — Learn to insert memory cards in your life. Remember what you can do for your family, friends and most important, for the society and nation you live in. Insert a feeling of pride and belonging to your culture in your heart. Insert in your consciousness a feeling of caring for the environment and the animals and birds in the world. Insert empathy and compassion in all your relationships.

*Home — Take care of your home, family and friends. A home should be a haven of peace for you and your loved ones. Your home and family is the centre of your universe. Beautify it, enjoy it and use it for the right purpose — to create love and togetherness for whoever lives there or comes as a visitor or guest.

Learn these ideas from your computer for a more joyful, more fruitful 2012!

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