Kiwi women 'most assertive in the world'

Kiwi women 'most assertive in the world'

Yes, a new study by National Families Commission has revealed that Kiwi women are some of the most jealous and possessive in the world, more possessive than those in Canada and Britain, where females are more likely to feel controlled.

According to the study, one in seven Kiwi men have said their partners get angry if they speak to other women, compared to nine per cent of women saying the same about their male partners.

Kiwi women are also more likely to stop their partners seeing friends and relatives, and keep track of them "in a controlling or frightening way", than vice-versa, it found. The study report's analyst, Radha Balakrishnan, said the controversial results would spark debate in New Zealand, where newspapers carried headlines today like "women strike fear into their partners", the 'Courier Mail' reported.

Kiwi relationship expert Janice Davies has said that it should be seen as a positive that women there are good at standing up for themselves. "Assertiveness is a great thing and if women in New Zealand are learning to practice it more readily to be strong in relationships then that's great," she was quoted as saying.

She said a recent Oxford University study could explain why Kiwi women needed to be so forthright. It showed their men are some of the laziest in the world, doing little housework or helping out with the kids. "When that is the climate then it's no wonder that women need to work extra hard to assert what they want and what is good for them," Davies said.

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