Crime: Mysoreans had relatively peaceful 2011

Crime: Mysoreans had relatively peaceful 2011

1,372 cases recorded against 1,526 in 2010; rise in chain snatching

The year 2011 has brought smiles on the faces of police authorities, due to the dip in overall crime rate when compared to 2010. However, a blot on the merry is the chain snatching cases that refuse to stop growing.

According to the statistics released by the police recently, a total of 1,372 cases were registered in 2011 against 1,526 in 2010 and 1,281 in 2009.

Apart from the fall in crime graph, the recovery rate was also good in the previous year. Of the total cases registered, 68.40 per cent were solved.

Police commissioner Sunil Agarwal said intensified patrolling, besides initiating people-friendly programmes to improve rapport between public and police seems to be paying off. 

The top cop claimed ‘Namma Mane Police’ launched last year has paid rich dividends.

Helping communication

The department had issued 800 free SIM cards under central users group (CUG) to facilitate police personnel exchange information. Buoyed by the same, additional 500 such SIM cards will be issued shortly, again a first of its kind in the whole of the nation, the commissioner claimed.

Comparing the statistics, the cop said: “While 26 cases of murder were registered in 2011, 29 had been registered in 2010, followed by no reports of murder for gain against only one in 2010, seven cases of dacoity against six, four cases of planning for dacoity against six, 57 cases of extortion against 71, 167 cases of house burglary by night against 183, 15 cases of burglary by day against 20 and 141 cases of chain snatching against 128 to name a few.

As said earlier, chain snatching cases are spiralling, from 95 in 2009 to 128 following year.

When the total 1,526 cases were registered in 2010, it was higher than 2009, the year which had recorded 1,281.