Sonda's many attractions

Sonda's many attractions


Sonda, a village near Sirsi at a distance of 32 km and 340 km from Bangalore is a religious centre visited by many pilgrims.

It is home to the Brindavana of saint Vadiraja, Hulekal Vysaraya Mutt, Swarnavalli Mutt and Jain temples.

The ancient temple of Ramatrivikrama temple, a unique temple of Trivikrama, built in 1582 AD is also located in Sonda.

It is located amidst green surroundings that enhance the spirituality of this village, which offers spiritual solace with the presence of many religious institutions. 

Sri Vadiraja Thirtha was an ascetic who was also a great scholar and writer, well versed in Sanskrit and Kannada. He was born into a poor Brahmin family in a village near Kundapur. He toured the country extensively spreading the message of Dwaita philosophy as propounded by its founder Madhvacharya. He entered the Brindavana live in the year 1600 A D.

The ancient Ramatrivikrama temple is built of stone but in a dilapidated condition. It is one of the few temples, which has the idol of Ramatrivikrama. A tall dhwajastambha, with a small niche temple at the top, greets visitors to the temple. Two statues of elephants are placed at the entrance to the temple. Rows of elephant figures can be barely seen on the outer walls of the temple, which shows signs of renovation.

The premises also has a big hall used for various functions. There are facilities to conduct pujas, yagas and rituals at the yagashale. In front is the sacred pond of Dhavalaganga as well as the temple housing the Brindavana of the saint, known as ‘Pancha Brindavana’, with the main Brindavana surrounded by four smaller Brindavanas.

Pujas are conducted from outside and entry to the place of Brindavanas is restricted. A small temple of Gopalakrishna is located near the sacred pond.  Worship of spirits that is common in the Dakshina Kannada district can be seen at night at the house designated ‘Bhoota Raja’ near the sacred pond. The surroundings are green and enchanting and bring peace and solace.

A big complex, ‘Rajadhama’, is meant for the stay of pilgrims, on nominal payment. It has basic clean facilities and is within reach of the temples. A locker is also provided on the ground floor for the use of pilgrims during their stay. Other attractions worth a visit while at Sonda are: Tapovana, Sahasralinga, Hulekal Vyasaraya Mutt, Swaranavalli Mutt and Jain temples. KSRTC buses ply between Sirsi and Sonda at designated intervals.

The bus-shelter at Sonda needs to be upgraded as also the canteen facilities for pilgrims though the daily noon ‘annadana’ is free and dinner is served on prior intimation. There are two small dhabas in the vicinity. There is adequate vehicle parking space nearby.