Test your test skills, first

Test your test skills, first


With the option of taking the All India Engineering Entrance Examination online, Pearson Education Services is now offering a “prep test” before students take on the finals in April

With the AIEEE and state-level entrance exams, both opting to go digital, Pearson Education Services will now be offering an interim Science Aptitude Test through the online platform this year in January.

This, the organisation believes, will give students the preparation they require to ace the online biggies.

To be held this month under their Edurite Learning Centre, the test will be conducted for two groups and will be free of cost for all students. The test will be conducted in two sets.

*Group 1:  Class 9 and 10, test to be held on January 22, 2012 across Bangalore and other cities in Karnataka.

*Group 2: Class 7 and 8, test to be held on January 29, 2012 across Bangalore and other cities in Karnataka.

For the first time, Class 7 and 8 students will also be allowed to take the test. Jayadev Gopalakrishnan, President, Pearson Education Services claims that even 14 year-olds now need to start thinking about their future plans. “The idea is to give them a feel of an objective exam paper. The test will also help students rank themselves and have a better understanding of their aptitude for Science and Mental Ability (Math),” he adds.

The test would cover topics such as General Science and Mental Ability. Ranking will be sent in the form of an analysis report on the two subjects.

The Science Aptitude Test will provide a “firm” platform for those students of Class 7 and 8 who wish to take the National Talent Search examination, (NTSE). Class 9 and 10 students may use their ranking to assess themselves before enrolling for IIT coaching.
Students participating in the test will be provided a ranking to help them evaluate where they stand in addition to an individual detailed performance analysis report.

Top-performing students in the test stand to receive course scholarships for IIT/NTSE coaching at Pearson’s Edurite Learning Centre. Top rankers will win a Samsung Galaxy tablet. “This is an aspirational incentive. The tablet should serve to give a better digital feel,” adds Mr Gopalakrishnan.

Additionally, top-performing students will be invited to an exclusive session with the cricket legend, Anil Kumble at a venue in Bangalore in February, 2012. The cricket legend will share his insights with the bright gathering on life skills and other such soft skills.

The first edition of the Science Aptitude Test had more than 7000 students registered. Once the scores are shared, students are invited to the institute’s Edurite centres to meet student coordinators who will help analyse their report card and help them evaluate their scores well.