Nine minor girls rescued from GB Road

Nine minor girls rescued from GB Road

Nine minor girls hailing from West Bengal and Bihar, and forced into prostitution, were rescued from a brothel on GB Road in central Delhi Thursday evening.

Police said the girls aged 17-24 years were caged in house number 5211 of the capital’s red light area. “An NGO informed us that a few minor girls were being confined in the brothel today (Thursday) afternoon,” Station House Officer Kamla Market Police Station Pramod Joshi told Deccan Herald.

Immediately, police formed a team of 15 officers, including women constables, and rushed to the house, just 200 meters away from the police station. At the insistence of the NGO, the team lead by Joshi conducted raided the brothel. “It was shocking to see that the minor were forced into the prostitution. The biggest shock was that when we were conducting raids, the pimp hid the three minor girls in wooden trunks,” said Joshi.

He said they found the trunks suspicious. “When they were unlocked, we found clothes, and under them was a minor girl hidden, gasping for breath,” said the officer.

It took almost an hour for the police team to rescue the girls. “They heaved a sigh of relief after being rescued,” Additional Commissioner of Police D C Srivastava told Deccan Herald.

A 16-year-old girl (name withheld) wearing green salwar kameez said she belonged to a poor family from 24 Parganas in West Bengal. “I was working at a private hospital and was getting around Rs 2,000. An elderly women approached me and offered me to come along to Delhi where I can earn Rs 7,000 per month. 

When I came to Delhi, she took me to Old Delhi and kept in a house where I was tortured physically and mentally. I was raped for some time and then was forced into prostitution. I was shifted to G B Road with promise that my family would be paid Rs 50,000 a year,” she said.