'Sufism is within everyone'

'Sufism is within everyone'

Soulful strains

Highly acclaimed singer Kailash Kher won the hearts of millions of music lovers at a concert in Delhi recently.

Making Melody: Kailesh KherHe enthralled the audience by crooning some of his famous numbers at Moments Mall, Kirti Nagar. The evening became thrilling as he began singing his numerous hit tracks.

Known for his earthy voice and Sufi style of singing, Kailash is coming up with a brand new album titled Rangeele this year. “It is an album with 11 romantic songs portraying different shades of love. Every song has a different form but has a common thread of love. Overall, the album has songs related to love in all forms, be it longing, passion, patriotism, devotion or even hatred. The challenge is to create songs which can make listeners feel love and romance through audio,” he informs.

 “My favourite song in this album is Babbaji as it is dedicated to my son. I wrote the song before his birth and now that he’s here, I wish to give him everything I have,” he adds.
When asked about his experience of being in Delhi, he says, “I’ve come to Delhi after many months, and am pleased to be back here. Everyone is an admirer of Delhi’s winter. I have spent many years of my early struggles in the City and it has always given me the strength to fight.”

Speaking about his upcoming performances, he informs that he loves to perform in front of live audience as it helps to get the attention of the listeners immediately. He has number of events lined up this year.

“I have seen many ups and downs in my career. Singing happened by chance. I lost everything in business. It was then that my friends told me to try my luck in Mumbai, where I first recorded a private album with composers Paresh and Naresh. Together, we now represent a music band called Kailasa” Kailash explains, describing his journey in the music industry.

About his Sufi style of singing, he explains, “Sufism is not something that you learn. It is within you and you have to discover your side of Sufism by yourself.”

His new album has Amitabh Bachchan narrating a few lines in one of the songs. Also, his son Kabir is featured in the album. Evidently, it has both the senior most personality from the industry as well as the youngest.

“The message that I would like to give every listener and follower of music in Delhi is to share love among all and make the tough moments of life easier for each other.  Life has a lot to give to us and we need to respect it,” he concludes.