Truckers' strike: Heavy rush for LPG cylinders

Truckers' strike: Heavy rush for LPG cylinders

Truckers’ strike has caused anxiety among people over scarcity of gas cylinder supply in Bangarpet.

On Monday, people lined up in front of gas agencies to collect LPG cylinders. But as there was not enough supply of gas cylinders, the staff at the gas agencies had to pacify angry customers.

“We used to supply cylinders within two days of booking. But due to the truckers’ strike, we could not even deliver gas cylinders to people who have booked 12 to 15 days ago. We are yet to supply cylinders to 7,000 customers,” said Roopesh of Kedar Gas Agency.

“We get 300 cylinders in one load of truck, out of which 250 cylinders are supplied to customers and rest to hospitals and other emergencies. But for some days, we have not received any consignments. This has led to anxiety among people,” he added.

Complaint to DC
“A letter has been written to the Deputy Commissioner on the problems people are facing due to lack of gas cylinder supply. He has been requested to solve the problem”  he said.

The city had faced a similar situation eight years ago. People hope the government takes the necessary steps at the earliest.