Connecting to roots through canvas

Connecting to roots through canvas

Natural Strokes

A tree’s significance was understood best through renowned artist Rajat Subhra Bandopadhyay’s paintings displayed at his week-long solo water colour exhibition, held at All India Fine Arts and Crafts Society (AIFACS) Gallery.

EXPRESSIVE: A Painting on display

Concluded on January 17,  exhibition ‘Roots’ presented 30 paintings on the theme of supernatural biblical truths and depicted that one must rely on and remain connected to the true vine, true inner self and establish a strong base with God and nature and one way of doing that was through trees, as depicted in Rajat’s artwork.

Rajat, who has been experimenting with textural water colour paintings for the past 30 years, says, “When we cover our shallow roots with the rocks, we can easily face the anxiety in our life without being crushed. To become strong, we need to soak deeply in the God’s word every day. One needs to dive deep into the God’s word to become stronger day by day. So, through ‘Roots’ series, I ask, am I firmly rooted in the word of God?”

The artist has been painting since the age of 12 and has a fascination for nature, which was evident in the work displayed at the exhibition and its theme. “I always hope that my creations will pull the viewers to feel the same awe and fascination that I do when I see nature in person. My love and respect for nature has never wavered and through my paintings, I try to convey the beauty, majesty and intelligence in my subjects,” says Rajat.

For the painter, water colour has become favourite art medium and now he has developed his own style. “After using water colour for years, I have further developed my own style, that is characterised by strong brush strokes that impart a sense of freedom of spirit,” Rajat shares.