It's a sinful indulgence

It's a sinful indulgence

Sweet tooth

There is no contesting the fact that home-made gajar ka halwa is the best.

Prepared with fresh hand-picked carrots, unadulterated khoya, liberal doses of ghee, a generous sprinkling of pista-badam, and most importantly loads of love.

 But what do you do when struck with a sudden gajar ka halwa craving? Metrolife checks out a few places where you can relish this home style sweetmeat.

You would have probably never heard of this place, but it’s good word is spreading as fast as the aroma of its gajar ka halwa. Sweet fanatics swear by the name of Standard Burfee in Karol Bagh. Their halwa is famed to be the softest, smoothest and silkiest of its kind in Delhi. Their secret ingredient is rose water. A regular here, Suraj Wadhwa, a web designer, says, “Their gajar ka halwa is awesome.

I look out for places in Delhi and NCR which serve the best gajar ka halwa, but Standard Burfee is the finest I have come across so far.” He adds, “You won’t believe I spend Rs 300 to 400 worth of petrol to drive my family all the way from Gurgaon to Karol Bagh to have the sweetmeat at this place every weekend.”

He has one more recommendation for gajar halwa junkies who frequent Karol Bagh. “Do visit Roshan Di Kulfi, again in Gaffar Market. It’s almost as good and a must try for sweet lovers.”

Residents of Old Delhi invest in the good name of Chaina Ram Sindhi Confectioners, a 101-year-old establishment, adjacent to Fatehpuri mosque in Chandni Chowk. Reaching here requires some amount of walking and struggling through the Old Delhi bylanes, but the hard work is worth it. They serve a variety of mithais and halwas all through the year, but in winters, gajar ka halwa rules. A fan Mukesh Chandwani says, “I love the fact that it is dripping in pure ghee. And the fact that it doesn’t get spoilt even after a week is a proof of its good quality.”

If you are in Chandni Chowk, don’t forget to check out Shereen Bhavan in Chitli Bazaar. Their gajar halwa transports you to another world.

And then, if you stay in or around North Campus, you could definitely give Sri Banke Bihari Rasgullewala a shot. Running since 1957, their huge kadhai of gajar ka halwa is testimony to how much they sell.

The owner Rajeev says, “Our customers are mainly Delhi University students. I would thank them for the repute we have earned. We have never felt the need for another branch or any major advertising. After all, good food speaks for itself.”