Ch'nagar APMC loses crores of revenue sans checkpost

Ch'nagar APMC loses crores of revenue sans checkpost

A temporary outpost has been set up at the premises recently

Even after four decades, there are no checkposts in the APMC limits in Chamarajanagar and the state which has to benefit from the revenue is losing it to the neighbouring state Tamil Nadu.

The government has been fixing revenue target to the APMC market every year and thanks to the negligent officials and elected representatives, the revenue collected is only 50 per cent of the target.

The APMC here trades in turmeric, jaggery, coconut and vegetables and the vegetables sold here is transported to various parts of the state.

The APMC that was set up in 1968 has failed to collect the targeted revenue and this resulted in the government sanctioning less funds to the district and the development works naturally took a back seat.

The e-tender process that was introduced in various markets in the state to curb farmers being cheated in weighing, has not been implemented here and it is the farmers who are worst affected. The market is also not free from commission system by the middlemen. But the farmers are not ready to lodge any complaint in this regard.

The national highway 209 passes through the district and every day the goods vehicles ply via Punajanuru to Tamil Nadu. Ironically, no checkposts have been set up enroute to Tamil Nadu from the day the APMC was set up.

 A namesake outpost was set up at Chikkahole but it was of no use. After losing crores of rupees to Tamil Nadu, now the administration has woken up and have set up a temporary outpost at a vacant room near the office.

The negligency of the officials and elected representatives is said to be the reason for the government losing its revenue. The government had set a target of Rs one crore for the year 2009-10 and 2010-11 as revenue, but it was possible to collect Rs 52 lakh and Rs 56 lakh respectively. This year the administration is geared up to collect at least Rs 75 lakh dues before March this year.

Turmeric market
As the environment in Chamarajanagar is suitable for growing turmeric, farmers are interested in growing the crop. But with the lack of suitable market and storage unit they have been affected.

The government had sanctioned Rs one crore under Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojane about two years ago, which was utilised to construct shops and platforms. This year Rs 70 lakh has been allotted for basic amenities, which will be utilised for sinking borewells, UGD, toilets and other basic infrastructure. A tender process is also underway to purchase turmeric polishing machine, says an official.