Looking for remedies

Looking for remedies

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Looking for remedies

Breathing In: Yoga is believed to be a great way of increasing one’s immunity.

With the H1N1 virus in the air, lot of emails and SMSes are being circulated about the virtues of alternative medicine in preventing the swine flu. People, dreading the deadly virus, are also opting for traditional methods which not only helps prevent the virus from entering the body but also increases immunity. Metrolife spoke to doctors in different traditional systems that claim to provide solutions for the same.

Dr Nandini, a homeopath, says, “Homeopathy is based on a symptomatic treatment. One can only prescribe medicines based on the symptoms a patient experiences. There is no particular medicine in homeopathy that can treat swine flu but there are tonics and tablets that can be prescribed to increase one’s resistance power.” Many homeopaths in the City have also started selling these tablets on prescription which help increase one’s immunity. But just off the shelf, in medical stores, people are buying amala, tulsi and garlic tablets to increase immunity.    

One of the ancient methods of medicine is ayurveda, and people in the City are opting for this as it is not only safe but also has no side-effects. J K Mahalakshmi, an ayurvedic doctor says, “Ayurveda has always helped the immune system. Individuals, who have a depression in their immunity, are more prone to the disease. Basic medicines made out of tulsi, neem, amrutha, ashvagandha, turmeric and other natural products are used to increase the immunity.”

Dr Vidya explains that many people are coming for tonics and powders which are immune boosters which take care of any kind of fever. “These act as a good anti-viral drug which helps the body to fight the virus,” she adds.

Since ayurveda uses natural products, Mahalakshmi, adds that one can actually start using the products from home itself. “Prevention from any disease is better than suffering from it. At home, one can use these products to increase their immunity. A simple decoction of tulsi, pudina and ginger is enough for keeping one’s immunity high,” she adds.

Apart from medicines, people are also opting for yogic exercises for good immunity. “Making yoga, a part of lifestyle is very important,” suggests Marath, a yoga teacher. “The combination of yoga, pranayama, meditation and mudras activates the various parts of the body. Which in turn keeps the body fit enough to fight any bacteria or virus,” he adds.  Despite such alternatives, none of the doctors say that their method is better than allopathy but they do agree that it is an apt equivalent to prevent the virus from entering the body.

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