Students' protest; lecturer suspended

Students' protest; lecturer suspended

Spat ensues between parents, principal; police interruption saves the day

Technical education director has suspended lecturer B H Varalakshmi at the Government Women’s Polytechnic here following a protest by the college students recently.

As the students weren’t informed about the suspension of the lecturer, they continued their stir at the college premises.

Meanwhile, an argument ensued between parents of two students, who were pushed out of the college for favouring the lecturer, and the protesters. Venting their ire at the principal, the parents asked, “Our children were pushed out of the college by others. If you can’t give security to the children then why are you running the college?”

The police personnel interrupted at this moment and said that students should be informed that the lecturer had been suspended. When the principal told the students that the lecturer had been suspended, they demanded that the suspension letter be read out loud. Only on knowing the contents, did the students call of the stir.

On Friday, a section of the students of Government Women’s Polytechnic staged a protest in the college premises here demanding the transfer of a faculty member for allegedly failing to take classes regularly.

The protesting students alleged that faculty member Varalaskhmi wasn’t taking classes regularly.

“Even though she signs the attendance register, she doesn’t attend classes. She is harassing students by not signing the practical records prepared by students. Varalakshmi should be transferred immediately as she is also trying to create differences among students,” they said.

A meeting between college principal M Abhilash and students failed to achieve any breakthrough as they were adamant that until the lecturer was transferred, the protests would continue.

Meanwhile, another group of students staged a protest in favour of the lecturer. Sources said that the protest was a result of differences between lecturers in the college.

Refusal to accept suspension letter

Principal M Abhilash said that suspension letter for lecturer Varalakshmi had arrived at the college on Friday evening. But, she fled the place without taking the suspension letter, he added.
Varalakshmi has been suspended on charges of failing to conduct classes and for misbehaving with colleagues and higher officials. Also, a copy of the suspension letter has been sent to her home in Bangalore, he said.