Double for Swaroop

Double for Swaroop

Swaroop Gowda of DS PET Aquatic Centre, Mandya clinched two gold medals with victories in the 100M freestyle and the 50M backstroke on the opening day of the SwimLife International swim meet at the Global Swim Centre on Saturday.

Results (Only winners): Boys: Group IV: 50M freestyle: KS Varun (JSW) 34.86 seconds, 1. 100M freestyle: Swaroop Gowda (DS PET Aquatic, Mandya) 1:21.77. 50M backstroke:
Swaroop Gowda (DS PET Aquatic) 44.34 seconds. 50M breaststroke: Vaibhav Chandak (DPS, South) 46.10 seconds. 50M butterfly: Mohammed Ismail (PMSC) 38.17 seconds. 200M individual medley: Prathik S Reddy (PMSC) 3:08.80.

Group V: 50M freestyle: Jitendra V (PMSC) 35.39 seconds. 50M backstroke: SN Harshavardhan (PMSC) 43.21 seconds. 50M breaststroke: SN Harshavardhan (PMSC) 45.47 seconds. 50M butterfly: Jitendra V (PMSC) 36.89 seconds. Group VI: 25M freestyle: Amey P (Aqua Swimming Centre) 17.47 seconds. 25M backstroke: Aditya Praveen (Young C Swim Club) 20.79 seconds. 25M breaststroke: Aditya Bharadwaj (DPS) 23.14 seconds.

Group IV-VI: 4x50M freestyle relay: PMSC (2:31.90). 4x50M medley relay: PMSC (2:47.39).
Girls: Group IV: 50M freestyle: Manasi Ravi (BAC) 38.00 seconds. 100M freestyle: Mansi Ravi (BAC) 1:28.05. 50M backstroke: Harshitha J (GSC) 45.30 seconds. 50M breaststroke: Harshitha J (GSC) 45.67 seconds. 50M butterfly: Mansi Ravi (BAC) 41.61 seconds. 200M individual medley: Harshitha J (GSC) 3:22.53.

Group V: 50M freestyle: Poojita G Murthy (PMSC) 37.36 seconds. 50M backstroke: Poojita G Murthy (PMSC) 46.53 seconds. 50M breaststroke: Spoorthi S Anand (PMSC) 49.45 seconds. 50M butterfly: Poojita G Murthy (PMSC) 40.49 seconds.
Group VI: 25M freestyle: Raksha S (BCGS) 24.96 seconds. 25M backstoke: Saira Chandavaekar (Young C Swim Club) 31.46 seconds. 25M breaststroke: Amelia (SIS) 33.67 seconds. Group IV-VI: 4x50M medley relay: PMSC (3:03.47). 4x50M freestyle relay: PMSC (2:37.96).