Immersed in cinema

Immersed in cinema


Harun Farocki entered the German film industry at a time when there was a cultural shift.

creative Harun Farocki dh photo by janardhan b k

During that time, he had observed that people were realising the various possibilities of cinema where even the unimaginable was possible onscreen.

A lot of experimenting was taking place and the scope of both film and television was huge.  Keen on contributing to the industry, the film-maker went onto to pursue a degree in a film academy.

 And ever since then, there has been no looking back for him.

In the City for a lecture and a workshop, Harun tells Metrolife that in all these years of making cinema, the medium has never failed to amaze him.

“Maybe that’s what kept me going. For someone who is passionate about cinema, it’s easy to keep making movies. But the challenge arises when he has to find a means to sustain in the field,” says Harun.

While his style of cinema is mainly documentary, essay and animation, Harun says that making movies is not about ideas but skills. “Ideas are out there in large numbers but it is important to execute them well.

That’s why film-making is more to do with the skill sets one has than the ideas,” he adds. Hence, he advises young and aspiring film-makers to make sure they get the right kind of knowledge in the field before starting off.

“Solid base and good background check are the key elements one must possess to make a good movie,” he adds.

He has watched very few Indian movies himself and prefers not to comment on them. But what he really admires about India is its people.

“I have come to India and even Bangalore many times for lectures and workshops. And I am amazed at the good blend of cultural and modern traditions here. Even the way people perceive things here is so different from back home.

Each time I come here, I see the City has changed so much and along with it, even the people have become more open to ideas and concepts. On my trip this time around, I’m looking forward to connecting with more people and hopefully it will be fun,” he signs off.