CMC decides to impose penalty on litterbugs

CMC decides to impose penalty on litterbugs

Litterbugs will have pay ` 100 to `500 as penalty

Litterbugs, be ware! The City Municipal Council has decided to impose penalty of Rs 100 to general public who litter waste carelessly. If it is hotel employees dumping waste then they will have to shell out Rs 500 as penalty.

Madikeri CMC had bagged huge appreciation in the State because of its move to ban plastic. One has to wait and watch as to how far it will be successful in making the city litter free.

The decision was taken during the recently held general body meeting of the CMC. Raising the issue member Baby Mathew, during the meeting had said that people have been dumping waste on road sides and into empty space, which is causing lot of problems.

Supporting him members of the Council demanded action against litterers and suggested that it would be better if the Council imposes penalty.

The CMC is already collecting waste from various main streets in the city limits. The process of garbage collection will begin in remaining places soon. Dustbins have been placed in all important places where only household wastes should be dumped, said a member.

Recently some of the members of CMC had been to Andhra Pradesh to learn techniques of waste management adopted there. In a place called Suryapet, each house keeps two dustbins. One is used for decomposable waste and the other for the waste, which does not decompose. Members opined that if segregation of waste happens at the source itself then disposal of waste will become very easy for CMC. They suggested that the same method must be implemented in Madikeri too.

However, so far CMC’s work has been appreciated by the local residents who say that City Municipal Council is doing its duty responsibly.