IAF plane makes forced landing

IAF plane makes forced landing

An Indian Air Force (IAF) transport aircraft made a forced landing in Assam following a technical snag. No one was hurt in the incident that took place while checking its airworthiness.

The AN-32 plane force-landed in Assam’s Jorhat airbase in the past week. The aircraft was damaged, but no one was injured.

The AN-32 is known as the workhorse of the IAF’s transport fleet. It can be operated in various climate conditions and the aircraft has a high manoeuvrability of flights to the mountain airfields with difficult approaches.

Army spokesperson Lt Col S S Phogat, who is based in the Narengi Army base in Guwahati, confirmed the incident and said that the plane was force landed as it developed a technical snag.

“The plane had undergone some re-fitment of mechanical parts...a routine activity to test the airworthiness,” he said.

He added that the aircraft developed some technical snag while in the sky and it then had to force land.

An inquiry has been ordered into the incident, the army officer said.