Congress advert eulogises Modi

Congress advert eulogises Modi

Congress advert eulogises Modi

As Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi is out spreading sadbhavana across the state, the amity has reflected through a two-page advertisement issued by his arch rival Congress party to local media, eulogising his achievements.

The two-page pull out, which has raised many an eyebrow within Congress circles, lists the achievements of all the state chief ministers beginning with Jeevraj Mehta, the first chief minister of Gujarat.

The Congress advert described Modi as a successful organizer, a leading  BJP worker and electoral strategist. It went on to enlist Modi’s decision to form a separate ministry for bio-technology and his achievement in getting Narmada Dam height increased from 110.54 mtrs to 121.82 mtrs.

The chief minister’s efforts to turn the state into “Vibrant Gujarat”, organization of biennial Vibrant Gujarat Investor’s Summit and Shala Pravesotsav(for the enrolment of children in schools), Krishi Utsav (Agriculture festival), Navaratri Mahotsav, Kite Festival and other achievements have also been highlighted. 

The advertisements also lists holding of Rannutsav in Kutch and Kankaria Carnival in Ahmedabad as Modi’s achievements.

GPCC (Gujarat Pradesh Congress Committee) president Arjun Modvadia maintained the advertisement had been released to present the correct perspective of development in the state. He pointed out to the people that Gujarat had been by nature progressive and every chief minister had contributed to its development.

“It was a positive advertisement where we had refrained from criticising anyone and presented the correct perspective of development in the state,” Modvadia said.

Political pundits maintained that the advertisement might cause significant problem for the Congress as Narendra Modi was more than likely to try and cash in on it as the election campaign gathered steam in the state.

The Congress party has always strongly contested Modi’s claims to development tooth and nail. With this advertisement, many believe, the party has shot itself in the foot.

The BJP appears quite amused over the development. The party spokesperson Vijay Rupani said: “The Congress till now has been criticising the Modi regime. In fact, they have been calling the Vibrant Gujarat Summit a gimmick by the chief minister. But, now the (Congress)party deciding to publish these facts in the form of an advertisement just goes on to show that the party too admits that there have been real achievements.’’