Love as weapon of vengeance

Malayalam (U/A)
Cast: Mohanlal, Lakshmi Roy, Shreya Saran, Roma Asrani, Sanjana
Director: Roshan Andrews

Mohanlal has no qualms flaunting his casanova image. Incidentally, his name too is Casanova. A skirt-chaser, he has a load of seduction tricks up his sleeve to keep girls pining for his date.

For this Austria-based flower biz tycoon, holidays in Dubai are moments of fun with beauties who he switches like clothes.

The hero’s age factor seems to weigh heavily on the playboy role he has dared to take up. And by shaking legs with bikini-clad women, he becomes a laughing stock.

But the four burly young men who orchestrate a well-planned hi-tech robbery grab attention. Their Spiderman-Super man act has a Hollywood touch, courtesy stunt masters William and Franz Spilhaus. They have emoted well, mouthing dialogues naturally and giving a life-like feel to their characters.

The film has also arrayed glam gals from Tollywood and Sandalwood who fail to lift a film tied down by a wayward script.

There are love angles and our Casanova stays put in his holiday home with a mission of vengeance. In the process he lays traps, going out-of the-box way to use love as a ploy.

The bottomline of the story is love. Pity, there is nothing in the movie that moves us emotionally. The hero’s sermons on how to fall in love are a yawn. The long talk could be a sedative, don’t fall asleep!