Clash of the titans

Clash of the titans

Campus Act

Is it Delhi University (DU) or Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU)? Which campus looks better?

Who has produced more celebrities? As the never-ending comparisons between the two universities gather steam, Metrolife does a quick check by talking to some ex-students of both DU and JNU to find out the difference. 

The University of Delhi is a central university in Delhi and is funded by the Government of India. Established in 1922, it offers courses at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The university has two campuses in the northern and southern part of the City. The north campus is well connected with the yellow line of the Delhi Metro.

When DU was established, only three colleges existed--St Stephens College founded in 1881, Hindu College founded in 1899 and Ramjas College founded in 1917. These colleges were affiliated to the university.

“Delhi University is full of life and fun. I studied and enjoyed my life to the fullest here. DU offers so many courses and also has various opportunities to have fun with friends,” said Abhishek Das, alumnus of Deshbandhu College. Reshmi Kar, alumnus of Gargi College seconded Abhishek, “Time just flew. It was so much fun just being in the college that I never felt like going back home.”

Some of the noted alumni of DU are: Amitabh Bachchan, Arnab Goswami, Anurag Kashyap, Ajay Maken, Arun Lal, Shah Rukh Khan, Kapil Sibal, Montek Singh Ahluwalia, Salman Khurshid, Vinod Dua and Siddharth Basu, to name a few.

If DU is fun and frolic, JNU is more academically oriented and prides in its share of intellectual debates. JNU is mainly a research oriented postgraduate university with approximately 5,500 students and faculty strength of around 550. The university was established in 1969 by an act of parliament. It was named after Jawaharlal Nehru, India’s first Prime Minister, and was founded by Indira Gandhi and G Parthasarathy was its first vice chancellor.

The objective of its founders was to make the university a premier institution of higher learning and to promote research and teaching leading to the increasing engagement of its students and teachers in higher level academic work and national and international policy making.

“JNU follows the pattern of American education to have various schools unlike DU. Instead of departments we have centres. JNU is more academically vibrant than DU, it has a better intellectual atmosphere,” said Anurag Bhatt, JNU alumnus. He also added that the election scenario in JNU is just the opposite of DU.

“In DU it’s more of muscle and money power and even the administration is involved but, in JNU everything is done by the students. There is no external power involved unlike DU. Also, one can have a meal here at just Rs 30 while in DU one has to pay at least Rs 100 to Rs 150 for a good meal.”

Another alumnus of DU and JNU, Jyoti Singh said, “DU is more about showing off your branded clothes and cars but in JNU no one is judged by materialistic things. JNU has a more academic environment than DU.” She added, “Girls are very safe in JNU unlike DU, we can still walk in the campus at 3 in the morning.” Some noted JNU alumni are: Sitaram Yechury, Prakash Karat and Brindra Karat, to name a few.