Traffic nuisance comes back

Traffic nuisance comes back

Locality Check

Greater Kailash, also known as GK is divided into two parts, Greater Kailash Part-I and Greater Kailash Part-II. This upmarket residential area is home to many bureaucrats, retired defence officers, businessmen and industrialists.

Neighbourhood watch : GK-II’s residential area.

GK consists of several residential colonies and multiple markets with modern retail outlets and designer wear stores which attracts people from all over Delhi and is always on the must-visit list for outsiders as well. GK is easily accessible and is well connected to other parts of the City as well. It is just nine km from Nizamuddin railway station and 22 km from Indira Gandhi International Airport. The infrastructure facilities are also good. While schools, colleges and other higher education institutions are in close proximity, there is no dearth of shopping and entertainment options.

But all’s not well here. Resident Bubbles Khosla shared, “Traffic is a mess here. We are just fed up of the daily traffic snarls. Parking is a nuisance here. GK still hasn’t got the gas pipeline connection like other localities in South Delhi.” She also added, “There is no problem of water and electricity in our locality but there are over flowing sewage drains all over the area.”

Another resident Uma Kapoor said, “Traffic is a big headache in our locality. I do not understand where all these cars come from. Also as a result of being a posh area, vegetables here are very expensive. Not just that, even the maid servants are very expensive. But we do not have any option.” Uma further added, “The locality is clean though.”

The M Block market of GK Part-II is one of the busiest markets in Delhi. It offers a wide range of shopping products and popular eating joints. The area is thus plagued with bad traffic management, and often, there is a huge traffic snarl in the market. Residents and visitors face a tough time due to these persistent traffic jams.

“Residents here have occupied government land for making gates or small gardens. But nobody takes action. The cars here are parked on the footpaths and pedestrians have to walk on the main road. Nothing is good here,” said an angry Mahendra Taneja, a resident.

Shivani Chandok, another resident said, “Because of traffic congestion at least 15 minutes are wasted in getting out of the area. All entry and exit points are open for the commuters which result in a mess.” Due to the well established infrastructure, popular retail market, better connectivity, and transport facilities, GK residents consider owning property in this area a status symbol.