'Dalits not getting RTC for their land'

'Dalits not getting RTC for their land'

The Dalits are not given RTC for the land sanctioned by the Deputy Commissioner to construct houses.

The officials are converting the land allotted to Dalits as government land and distributing to people of other communities. Even after several complaints, instances such as these keep continuing, grieved the Dalits at the SC/ST meet held at office of the Superintendent of Police office on Monday.

Dalit Sangarsha Samiti (DSS) Leader S P Anand said that though the issue has been brought out in the meet at DC’s office, it has not been sorted yet. The atrocities on Dalits are taking place all over the district.

Many Dalit girls face sexual harassment from people of the upper class and these issues are hidden by the police due to the pressure from these people. The Dalits do not receive justice, he complained.

“If such issues pop up, the police have to be informed. We shall see that injustice does not occur,” assured SP Abhishek Goyal.

Dalit Leader Shivaram was attacked in Kukke Subramanya with regard to the Made Snana issue and no action has been taken till date, complained Anand. “The court will take decision on the issue. It shall not fall prey to any pressurisation,” said SP.

Placing his grievance, former Soldier Vijaykumar who resides in Puttur complained that a Christian community member has encroached upon his land in Beeru Mangala in Sullia and DSS leaders are supporting this, he said.

“Though I have proved my point by measuring my land three times, it has been of no use. A DSS member is working in support of this Christian family and has threatened me about this matter. The family has also constructed a wall in my property,” said Vijaykumar.

“The police can take action on account of trespass, only if the incident has happened within a matter of three months. However, if the issue has happened more than three months ago, the police cannot take action. The petition has to be fought in a civil court,” said SP.

Responding to this issue, DSS leader Keshav said that there may be factions in DSS but it shall not partake in issues where a Dalit will suffer. The person who is creating trouble may simply tell he is from DSS. In such case, police should take action against him, said Keshav.

Responding to this, SP said that the names of the members of DSS and its leaders should be given to the Police Department. “With this, we can easily take action,” he said.

IGP’s permission must for ‘B’ report
Many atrocities on Dalits are filed under ‘B’ report by the police and no action is taken, complained the Dalit members. To this, the SP said that in case a Dalit atrocity case has to be given ‘B’ report status, then the permission of the IGP has to be procured.

“Till now, the SP had the right to give a case ‘B’ status. However, according to a government order, the ‘B’ status to a case has to be given by the IGP,” he said and told that the Dalits need not worry.
“Cases on Dalit atrocity have more punishment involved. Some may file cases unnecessarily and may try to misuse this. One should be careful while filing complaints,” said the SP.

One can voice their grievance in case they are not happy with the ‘B’ report status. One can also go to court and cancel the ‘B’ status in case they feel that they have not received justice from Investigating Officer, SP and IGP, he said.