Yuvraj Singh's physiotherapist under scanner for lacking certificate

Yuvraj Singh's physiotherapist under scanner for lacking certificate

Physio claims to have degree from Allahabad University

Dr Jatin Chaudhry, physiotherapist of cricketer Yuvraj Singh since 2008, does not have a degree from a recognised institute, according to the Delhi Medical Council.

But Chaudhry said there has been a misunderstanding with the Council and that he holds a recognised degree.

“The records that we have show that he does not hold a degree from any recognised university. We have been working on the case for the last two years. We will approach the police now,” said Dr Vinod Khetrapal, member of the Council’s disciplinary committee, on Tuesday.

Chaudhry claimed to be in possession of a credible degree, and said he will submit the documents soon to clear the conspiracy.

“I have a degree in Bachelor in Physiotherapy from Allahbad University. A Delhi High Court directive says all graduates till 2010 should be recognised as professional physiotherapists. It is not an MBBS degree though. This may have created confusion. I will clarify the matter to the Council soon,” said Chaudhry.

He said he is registered with All-India Physiotherapists’ Association.

“This association does not give anyone a legal right to practice as a physiotherapist,” countered Dr Khetrapal.

The authorities claimed that Chaudhry had failed to submit the documents to prove that he has a credible degree.

“We have so many quacks in Delhi. It is tough to maintain tabs on all of them,” said Dr Khetrapal. He said laws against quacks are weak.

“We need stronger laws. The police cannot do much as their primary responsibility is to maintain law and order. They cannot keep on arresting quacks as they have no time,” he said.