Cane: You'll love it

Cane: You'll love it

Rustic Beauty

Cane is the least processed, naturally sturdy bamboo that continues to breathe. Whether it is the fine weaving or solid poles stacked on each other for naturally ‘rustic-yet-elite’ look, cane is definitely the all-weather, low-maintenance and economical furniture. Areas where cane grew in abundance, like ghats in India, found multiple uses for cane.

With time, artisans have given cane different cosmopolitan and utilitarian looks that have gone on to adorn homes like never before. And this, has also provided the artisans and those dealing with cane, a livelihood for good.

At the expo organised by North Eastern Handicrafts and Handlooms Development Corporation at the Institution of Engineers, cane comes in different avatars and looks equally enticing in each of them.

Be it baskets of different sizes and shapes, furniture, sofa sets, vases that look like cane coils piled on each other, pot holders and lamp shades, ladles, candle holders, fans, flower holders, mats and gaddis cane does seem to find newer applications for itself.

What’s more, there’s a fair amount of discount on these products since there are no middlemen here. The sale is a direct deal between artisans and buyers and the corporation organises this exhibition year after year to encourage and popularise cane and handicrafts from the North Eastern states. There is a demo of these products being made too, in case you plan to see how the pieces have evolved.

While the usual fare of trinkets and silver jewellery, flowers and showpieces are also there, shawls and dress materials from the North East are a huge hit.

This apart, block print and Kalamkari bed spreads are available in a massive range, at rates that won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

If you have decided to splurge and add ‘zing’ to your house, it is highly recommended that you buy stuff from here, just so that these artisans get to continue their work, for years ahead. The expo is on till Feb 19. So, get there before they pack and leave.