'Second freedom struggle will be against foreign investors' 'Second freedom str

'Second freedom struggle will be against foreign investors' 'Second freedom str

Janapara Sahithya Sammelana sheds light on affects of LPG policies

Farming community and the experts have realised that the Land Acquisition, Seeds and Bio Technology Bill, pending before the Parliament can be detrimental to farmers.

Addressing the ‘Janapara Sahithya Sammelana’ organised by Janapara Vedike in Mudigere, retired professor B M Kumaraswamy said that dumb citizens and deaf government cannot save democracy in this land. 

Hence people will have to plunge into a war against this kind of anti-farmer policies.

“Globalisation has the sole aim of infesting both, markets of developed nations as well as economically backward countries. It is due to the liberal economic policies that agriculture in our country is in dire straits. The lack of focus on agriculture in various Five Year Plans has been another major reason for the situation,” he said adding that globalisation policies were introduced 20 years ago and it is now time to audit the profits and losses reaped by us in these 20 years. 

“Though the Finance Minister and Prime Minister have been making tall claims that the nation has developed, the fact is that the nation has developed only in their speeches while in reality a huge chunk of population still struggles to earn square meal,” he said adding that the disparity in distribution of income among the population is startlingly evident mainly because the Government has neglected agriculture and has been emphasizing on pooling more and more investment in the cities. 

He said that the plight of farmers started deteriorating only after foreign agriculture implements and equipment set foot on Indian soil.

 “Over the last 16 years, that is after the foreign equipment came to India 2.56 lakh farmers committed suicide,” he said adding that Special Economic Zones (SEZs) have come as a fatal blow on farmers.

“A total of 584 SEZs came up in just five years. All of the SEZs have come up on fertile agriculture lands, usurped from farmers,” he said.

Inaugurating the programme Litterateur Manasaiah said that one has to look at havoc Liberalisation, Privatisation and Globalisation policies have created, from a victim’s point of view. 

“The domestic market has been handed over to global players by our rulers. Bharat Nirman Yojana is somewhere killing Bharat. A second freedom struggle might be required soon to shun the global investors from Indian soil,” he said.Presiding over the programme Sammelan Welcome Committee Secretary B Rudraiah said that ultimately, today saving our land for ourselves has become the biggest challenge.