SCs, STs deprived of basic amenities

SCs, STs deprived of basic amenities

Dalit families in Bagepalli are out of sight and mind for the ruling establishment

Most of the wards in Bagepalli where Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes families reside do not have power, drinking water and toilet facility. 

There are 23 wards in the taluk. According to 2011 survey, it has 27,030 population, out of which 13,963 are men and 13,067 are women.

In some of the wards daily wage workers and people belonging to Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes are living and the area is completely cut off from even basic facilities.

As described in the infrastructure survey, among out of 769 families of Scheduled castes and Scheduled Tribes, 376 families do not have water facilities. 

45 families still live in dark as there is no power facility, 313 families do not have toilet facilities and 74 families do not have a land to live, 537 families have not got LPG connections.

No helpCrores of amount is released by the government for welfare of people belonging to the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes. But the people’s representatives have failed completely in developing these areas. the residents alleged.

“The drain was constructed with substandard materials and not planned well, thus it is filled with silt and is sinking. We are forced to live with lack of basic facilities like drinking water, power and sanitation,” said a resident of Ambedkar Colony, Ravikumar speaking to Deccan Herald.

Chief officer of the The Town Municipal Council, Suddhakar Bhat assured to release Rs 10,000 each for 133 families of SC and ST and 46 other families for constructing toilets. He also promised to provide drinking water facility to the SC and ST families free of cost. 

He said that with the help of Social Welfare and TMC, action will be taken to provide LPG connections to these families.

His list of promises also included, bank loan up to Rs 50,000 for constructing houses under Vajpayee Vasathi Yojane and Rs 20,000 from Town Municipal Council. 

“For physically challenged, facilities like pukka house under SFC grant, individual toilet, medical treatment, scholarship and self employment will be provided,” he said.