Power outage at Jindal not to affect City

Power outage at Jindal not to affect City

Bangaloreans can heave a sigh of relief as the outage at the Jindal power plant at Toranagallu in Bellary will not be affecting the City in the form of unscheduled loadshedding.

Bescom MD Manivannan ruled out any loadshedding as children would be preparing for their exams. “We will manage by asking the big industries to reduce their consumption,” he said.
A senior Bescom official said Saturday and Sunday were relatively easy to manage as the consumption by the industries and IT companies came down and there was no need of a shutdown.

“Though it will increase on Monday, we will ask the industries to manage their load during peak hours in the morning and evening and use captive power,” he said.

The 300 MW Jindal plant closed down for about five days following a technical problem. The State, which purchases all the power from Jindal, has now been left short of that much power, which will lead to shortage in the coming days.

“We need about 8,000 MW per day and this is going to affect us. They have promised that the problem will be set right in five days. We should be able to tide over this crisis as long as there are no other shortages,” H S Keshavamurthy, chief engineer of the State Load Dispatch Centre, said.