Study needed on impact of social networking sites

Study needed on impact of social networking sites

Young people are at crossroads today: SWC chairperson

Chairperson of State Women’s Commission (SWC) C Manjula said modern technologies such as Facebook and Twitter pose various challenges to youngsters and this had to be studied in depth, in order to prepare adolescent boys and girls to get past them.

She was delivering inaugural address at a seminar on ‘Adolescent Women’s Problems and Solutions’ organised under the aegis of State Women’s Commission and Maharani’s College here recently.

“Science and technology have advanced in leaps and bounds. They have turned into major challenges for youngsters, who have not been able to deal with them efficiently. In the absence of values and traditional system, youngsters don’t have the social conditioning that’s required to combat these external pressures,” she said.


“Social networking sites have turned into addictions and many youngsters have committed suicide because of this. In a society which rejected tradition and turned to science, peace of mind has turned elusive today,” she added. 

Youth of India is today at crossroads where it cannot choose either science or return to traditional roots to find answers for its problems, she observed.

Further, Manjula said youth need not completely dismiss modernity. 

Fashion, which is a modern concept, is definitely required. But, at the same time, one also needs to strengthen the inner self to meet the challenges head-on than opting out of life.

“Time has now come to understand whether self-centered attitude is what women empowerment is all about. Women are missing increasingly under the guise of love or what they believe to be so. Many are getting crushed by domestic violence. Democracy can work only when youth understand and join hands to work for its success,” she added. 

DCP Basavaraj Malagathi, State Women’s Commission member Mythili, principal A N Somashekhar, Asha and Vimala of the Students’ Union were present.