Khader stands by Palemar

Khader stands by Palemar

MLA says he is not sure if the mobile belongs to the former minister

Mangalore MLA U T Khader coming to the rescue of tainted minister Krishna J Palemar said that Palemar was not with Savadi and Patil when the duo was watching the pornographic clipping inside the Assembly.

Addressing a news conference on Monday, Khader said that he was not sure if the mobile phone in which former ministers Laxman Savadi and C C Patil were watching the pornographic clippings in the Assembly belonged to former minister Krishna J Palemar. However, he said that in case the mobile did belong to Palemar then a case should be booked and action should be taken against him.

Responding to an allegation, about Khader himself using the mobile phone in the Assembly, Khader said that Palemar and MLA Angara were sitting together. 

“I walked up to them and showed the photographs of the bad roads in my constituency. When I scrolled through the photos, a picture of my daughter also popped up. When the ministers asked about my daughter, I showed them her photos,” he said adding that if a person has his food in a vegetarian hotel and stands outside a non-vegetarian hotel, everyone will tend to say that he has had non-veg food. My case is some what similar. People may have ideas that I was watching videos even if I was not,” he said.

“This incident is a lesson for all ministers to not use mobile phones and gadgets in the house. I have made a request to Speaker Bopaiah to make arrangements to keep our phones outside. Using cell-phones has become a tradition,” he said.

Work undone

Coming down heavily on incomplete work of the BJP government, he said that even after four years of rule, the BJP has not materialised any of its promises made in the election manifesto. 

“The BJP government had promised to improve the financial and education sectors, which remains to be an empty promise,” he said.

The BJP government had promised to solve the power crisis in the State and said that arrangements will be made for additional supply of power in association with Chattisgarh government. However, not even a single MW of additional power has been produced.

Chief Minister D V Sadananda Gowda had promised to make the State roads pothole free before December 31, but one can still see potholes.

“Only 60 per cent of the MLA fund is released. How can the MLAs complete the works before year-end with insufficient fund,” he questioned. The BJP government is busy solving issues within the government, he alleged.

Rave party

Khader also questioned on who organised the rave party in Malpe and with what authority could they organise such a rave party in the name of Karnataka State Toursim Department.Even though the media has reported on the usage of drugs and obscene behaviour at the party, the State government has not conducted an inquiry, he said. 

The moral police, who usually raise their voice in such issues have remained silent, he pointed out.