Terror attack: NSG alerts commandos for new challenge

Terror attack: NSG alerts commandos for new challenge

The NSG has alerted all its commando squads guarding VVIPs and will soon bring out new security drills following the recent terror attack on an Israeli embassy vehicle using a stealthily stuck bomb device on its rear.

"We have already alerted our people (guarding VVIPs) that this is what has most likely happened and immediate action we have taken...but this is not enough. We have to really study it (the February 13 incident here) and make a standard operating procedure so that everybody acts in a uniform way (during such an attack)," NSG Director General R K Medhekar said on the sidelines of a 'bomb data' seminar at the forces' garrison in Manesar here.

The elite 'black cats' of the National Security Guard (NSG) secure 15 VIPs/VVIPS at present.
"Since we are protecting very important, very vulnerable targets, we are working on modifying our SOPs to handle this (sticking bomb act) also...both in terms of preventing and should it happen... We are able to gather data on what happened... We are looking into it," Medhekar said.

The DG said that the NSG 'black cat' commandos on VVIP duties have already enhanced their security responses as soon as they were informed about the incident.

"In fact the moment it happened we had a little bit of brainstorming in our own headquarters and we are working out how atleast we will try to prevent such a thing from happening (for NSG protectees)," the NSG chief said.

The wife of an Israeli diplomat, travelling in an Innova car, was severely injured while three others suffered minor injuries in the incident which happened after a bike borne unidentified person stuck a magnetic bomb device in the embassy car as it waited on a traffic signal in the highly secure area of the national capital, close to the Prime Ministers residence.