'I never take life too seriously'

'I never take life too seriously'

Sports buff

Bollywood’s ‘action hero’ Suniel Shetty could barely walk after he suffered injuries in an accident during a shooting.

Passionate : Suniel Shetty dh photo by dinesh s k

But Suniel’s passion for cricket got the better of him and the Mumbai Heroes captain was all over the dugout during his team’s recent matches in the City for the Celebrity Cricket League (CCL).

Popping pain killers, Shetty limped around the ground to cheer his boys. “It’s impossible to sit back at home and watch the team play. I wanted to be here to lend as much support as I can,” Suniel tells Metrolife.

Despite being in the film industry for 20-odd years, Suniel continues to be humble and down-to-earth. He informs that he is scheduled to undergo a surgery soon after the match in Bangalore. “Injuries are a common thing during shooting but this one was pretty severe, I fell during a paragliding scene,” he explains.

Suniel is currently shooting for Hera Pheri 4. “It is a sequel to Hera Pheri and promises to be just as exciting as the first one,” he says. Suniel observes that comedy has always excited him.

“I never take life too seriously and I think comedy as a genre is interesting. But it must be shot and presented well,” he says. His other films lined up for this year are Afra Tafri, Chai Garam, ‘Shooter’ and ‘Enemy’.

Did Suniel ever feel his career was stagnating at any point?

“There are moments when you feel a little low. You have to keep reinventing as an actor. You have to change with time,” he says.

Suniel is looking forward to working on his upcoming film ‘Enemy’, that’s knit around the theme ‘war’. “Fighter planes and war zones always excited me. The scene at the border is not easy. I visited the army jawans during the Kargil war and spent some time with them,” he says and adds, “we are safe only because our soliders brave the heat and cold to guard the borders.”

Apart from movies and cricket, Suniel has also joined the World Series Hockey, with Bangalore Franchise being acquired by Zentrum Group mentored by Suniel. The franchise is named as ‘Karnataka Lions’. “I am just as passionate about hockey as I am about cricket. Hockey hasn’t been given its due and I am keen on doing my bit to draw the young towards the sport,” Suniel signs off.