A tough stand on fitness

A tough stand on fitness

Wellness expo

Different practices related to wellness have been known to Indians for ages. In fact, traditional medicinal and health practices like ayurveda and yoga have been embraced by people overseas as well.

Keeping this in mind, Bangaloreans are presented with ‘Wellness India Expo 2012’.

The three-day expo, starting on March 23, will feature different aspects of health, fitness, nutrition, beauty and lifestyle.

The event claims to promote well-being and educate people about healthy lifestyle.

It will also include some of the top names in different health-related industries,
including professionals, government officials, wholesalers, dealers and distributors. It is the first of its kind expo, which is only related to health and fitness.

However, the main attraction of the event is the ‘3 Mile Run’, which is presented by the Bangalore School of Sports Foundation which will begin from Kanteerva Stadium on March 25 and will continue every month in each constituency of Bangalore.

This sporting initiative is conceptualised to promote health and well-being among every citizen.

The run aims to bring together an estimated ten thousand Bangaloreans, including corporates, sports personalities and film actors.

The expo will also house several activities such as image management workshops, a half-day grooming session by experts and a Runner’s Boot camp that will train people to run for the three-mile-marathon.

It will also have a wellness youth forum which will address some issues regarding health habits.

Speaking about the event, Elvis Joseph, the co-convener of Wellness India Expo,
said, “The expo is primarily open for anybody who is interested in health, fitness and wellness.”

“Around 500 brands are expected to gather under one roof. Service providers offering breakthrough innovations will be unveiled for the health conscious people,” added Elvis.

Reminiscing about her childhood, athlete Reeth Abraham, who is associated with Wellness India Expo 2012, said, “My dad always used to tell me that health is wealth. I find it ridiculous when people say they don’t get time for exercise.” “If one doesn’t get time for themselves, then no one else can,” she added.

“I hope people will realise how important health and fitness is through this event,” she said.

As much as Rs 50 lakh is invested for the event and at least 120 stalls are expected to join the expo.

“Major players include Apollo, two French companies, a German company and two Canadian companies,” informed Shaji Sudesan, a specialist in corporate health business.