Will 'Lucky' be lucky?

Will 'Lucky' be lucky?

Every dog has its day. This dog, a pug, actually, has an entire movie story revolving around it. This pug changes the lives of two young people in what is a beautiful love story, with a liberal dose of comedy and suspense.

promising Ramya and Yash.

For once, there are no emotional outbursts in the movie — but it certainly promises to be a laugh riot. Directed by Suri, who assisted on the sets of Gokula, this movie is titled, ‘Lucky’ and is produced by Radhika Kumaraswamy. It has Ramya and Yash in the lead roles. “The pug is the most important character in the movie. We were wondering how we would train a pug, but we were fortunate to find an exclusive pug trainer and found that his pug was obedient... this is the beginning and from there, we took off on a roller-coaster ride” explains Suri.

Ramya plays a lady whose parents got separated when she was very young. Having gone through a bad patch as a little girl, she grows up to be very quiet and prefers to keep to herself. “This young girl’s world revolves around the dog and she adores him. But there’s a young man named ‘Lucky’ (played by Yash) who does everything he can to get close to her, although she wouldn’t let anybody into her life. And this young man is most intimidated by her dog and ends up doing things to please the girl and keep the dog away. It’s been a fun-filled movie,” explains Ramya.

Suri says he can’t reveal too many details about the film, but points out a song on the pug, which is written by Yograj Bhat, titled, nanna hudugi nayi premi... In this song, all the dancers are dressed like pugs. “It’s a beautiful song with lots of comedy packed into it,” adds Suri.

Suri also observes that Ramya was very comfortable with the pug and Yash too had some comic situations with the dog. “Ramya is a dog lover and therefore she got along really well with the pug. We have scenes where Yash tries to run away from the dog, who turns out to be his enemy in the movie,” avers Suri.

The music is by Arjun, camera is by Krishna and the script has been written by Gousepee. The big-budget film has been shot in sets which were created exclusively for it. ‘Lucky’ is slated to release on February 24.