'Brides of today are changing their taste'

'Brides of today are changing their taste'

He is fairly new to the fashion industry, but designer Pallab Das says that in the three years that he has worked under the label Pallob, he has had the most enriching experience of his life.

in transit Pallab Das dh photo by janardhan b k

Having come from a middle-class family in Kolkata, Pallab admits that it was difficult to convince his family to let him take up a career in fashion; but he was happy that they understood his need to design clothes. “When they saw my work and what potential I had they welcomed my decision with open arms,” says Pallab, who was in the City recently for the Fashion Week.

While designing his clothes, Pallab ensures that he keeps the Indian tradition alive. And every time he travels, he brings different elements into his collection. “I am mostly inspired by Indian art and architecture. I love reading about them and even when I travel, you will find me looking outside the window, trying to take in as much as I can.
That’s why I try to bring all of this into my designs,” he adds. With so much competition around him, the biggest challenge he faces is to keep the collection fresh and updated and that’s exactly what Pallab strives to do. “That’s why I have called my collection ‘Pallob’, which means everlasting green. Green is a colour that signifies freshness and also a colour that represents nature, which is something I feel heavily drawn toward,” he adds. Pallab also enjoys designing for brides. And according to him, today’s bride looks for garments that are more in vogue and reusable. “It’s not about those heavy lehengas anymore, which you can only wear once before shelving. Brides of today are changing their taste and prefer to go in for lehengas which they can use again and carry off well,” he says.

Loving the fashion scene in Bangalore, Pallab notices how open the City is towards new designers. “It’s a great feeling in Bangalore. This being my first visit to the City, I have noticed how well-dressed people are here. I also noticed a lot of fusion clothing going on. I am happy about that as I enjoy making fusion garments, be it in cuts, textiles or embroidery. Hopefully, people will like me so that in the future, I can see myself opening a boutique here as well,” he sums up.