Man says he ate kids he couldn't sell

Man says he ate kids he couldn't sell

 A man caught with a kidnapped child shocked police by telling them that he roasted abducted children he could not sell and at times ate their flesh too.

Police here are investigating if the man's startling claims are true, Inspector General of Police Rajiv Krishna said.

Police said villagers caught hold of the man when he was trying to escape with a kidnapped child, Sadique (12), a resident of Bhoor Baral in Meerut district.
The man told police that he had abducted children in the past too and sold them on moving trains.

"He said he ate the flesh of infants whose deal could not materialize," a police officer said. The villagers had earlier complained about another missing child, Azad. He was never traced.

"We are verifying his claims. We have contacted psychiatrists at Agra and Bareilly," Rajiv Krishna said.